Friday, December 12, 2008


Sorry it has been so long. These past few weeks have been a roller coaster!! We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and got the shopping done! (Now I have to wrap!)
My parents left for a 10 day cruise the Friday after Thanksgiving. This brings on A LOT of responsibility for me as I become the caretaker to my Granny, the Molly dog, and the company!! Things went well until last Friday when my sister called and told me that the night before she and her family went to visit a friend. This couple were Foster Parents to several children. They had the kids from the time they were weeks old. That evening Baby Ty (8 weeks) passed away from SIDS. This happened while my sister and her family were visiting. It was tragic. Please keep Tracy and Chris in your prayers.
On Monday evening I was summoned to the Hospital to learn that my sales manager had passed away of a heart attach - he was on his way to a customer that afternoon. This has been so traumatic I cannot even begin.
Steve was not only my boss for 8 years he was my friend, teacher and mentor. He was deeply loved by my family. He witnessed my marriage, babies being born, my cancer, my illnesses, and my pain. he was always there to offer his help and his support. I will miss him dearly.

So as I write this i want to encourage you all to think of your loved ones and NEVER forget to say I Love You!

Keep me in your prayers.

Love Amy