Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Time goes so very fast.  I have time on my mind a lot.  I need to re-focus my time.  Time with God, husband, children, friends, family, work, church etc.  We celebrated our 6th anniversary on the 10th which happened to be Mothers Day as well.  What a celebration.  my husband and I have been through many ups and downs and we always seem to overcome whatever God puts in our path.  Sometimes we have struggled through it and other times it was a blessing to have a roadblock.  I am blessed to have a partner who supports me and understands me.  He is so very patient with me.  I love him!! 
My daughter turns 5 in June.  I cannot believe that my angel girl is going to be five.  I have a special post for her coming up.  She is a delight!
Mason got a "real" haircut last week and my he is a little man now.  But I relish the morning moments when he only wants "lovies" from mommy.  He is so tender-hearted and loving.
Time.  I have not been as faithful in my reading.  I am continuing to have prayer time in the mornings and in the car as much as I can - but I thirst for His word.  Time.
I watch as my Granny falls deeper into Parkinson's Disease.  Her time is fading faster each day.  I miss her - the Granny I have known all of my life is no longer there.  
Time.  We rush and rush and the time goes by.  I need to re-focus my time before it slips by and I have regrets.
Amy Q

Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Re-cap

Happy Mother's day to all!!  I had a wonderful weekend!  We spent time with my mom and granny on Saturday.  My sweet kiddos got me flowers for my flowerbeds and my hubby cooked me a steak dinner complete with a cake last night.  I did NO cooking and little cleaning yesterday.  We invited my neighbor and her family and my parents for dinner so I did help some with house preparations.  It was also my 6th anniversary to my wonderful man.  He and I have been through our share of ups and downs and I am proud to be his wife now for 6 years and many more to come.  I pray that you are all having a great week and had a blessed mother's day!
Amy Q

Friday, May 8, 2009

Texas Snow and Strep Throat?/

I was trying to get a picture of what we like to call Texas Snow in our neighborhood.  It never fails this time of year you can go outside and see white fluffy "flakes" floating around and covering your yard with a white blanket of "snow" or for better clarification cottonwood seeds.  Our yard this morning was COVERED with the stuff! It is actually kinda pretty - but unfortunately it does not melt.  Instead it piles up and if it rains it gets really goopy and gross.  Not to mention it doesn't help allergy sufferers.
So my next point is about strep throat.  We flew our sales guy in from Lubbock on Tuesday.  He was to help me out and to do some training while my parents were in the Bahamas.  He wasn't feeling too well but he was OK according to him.  So yesterday we had a trip to make that required about 4 hour of driving.  IN MY TRUCK.  When we got back he said he HAD to go to the DR because he was REALLY sick.  When he returned he gave me the news that he had "severe Strep Throat"  GREAT.  So I sent him to his Hotel and disinfected everything I could think of and prayed over my car seats to PLEASE don't let my kids catch this.
So far so good - but we shall see.  Please pray!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Swine Flu Hits K-Town..maybe

So last night we received a text from one of my oldest son's friends - saying "school's out till the 18th"  I told my son that it was probably a joke that K-town was certainly NOT going to close down for two weeks.  Well I was WRONG! 
My neighbor's daughter had a band concert last night and she said that they announced it there.  So being the mom I am I looked online and yes indeed the schools were closing.  What shocked me was the reason WHY.  According to a statement from the district there is "one probable case" 
ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!  PROBABLE - not confirmed.  
I am a momma of three and yes I am on alert for the signs of this bug.  i am washing their hands more and using a little more cleaning product in the bathroom and kitchen.  I am NOT taking them to school or pre-school sick.  I am even watching who they are around.  We will probably not go to KIDS STUFF (all-play) at church on Wednesday.  We will just go to choir and guppy class an I will go to MOPS.  
Needless to say I was glad to hear that our pre-school was only going to close (for 72 hrs) if there was a direct CONFIRMED case linked to the school.  (Whew) This means that my hubby and I will not have to take 2 weeks off. (We only have 4 days between the 2 of us left) I we had to take off we would lose 6 days of pay and that my friends would hurt this household! We do have an emergency fund - however it would be nice to use that on something NEEDED instead of demanded from this school district.
So I am closing this soapbox now with a side note that the CDC is NOT recommending closing schools.  WHAT? REALLY? SHOCKER!
OK I am done now. 
OH and D- I hope you have fun in Florida - you deserve it.  I am praying for you to have a safe trip.  Isn't it fun to be spontaneous?? Enjoy your 2 weeks off! Now you can blog more.
Amy Q

Monday, May 4, 2009

Making a Happy Home (mom) Monday

Update: You can join this GREAT carnival at
Here is what LL Says about the carnival.

"The point of this carnival is simple. I hope to encourage and inspire others (as well as be made accountable) to improve their homes. If there is a big project you have been putting off....or a small project that you are saving....please, just put in the time and do it. I'm not necessarily talking about the day to day swishing of the toilet or wiping down the counters. I'm talking about that closet that is easily hidden behind the door, but every time you open it, you regret it. You know how you feel when you do finally get it cleaned up. You are happy....and that filters throughout your home. So find a project, big or small, to clean, organize or beautify."

So here is my entry for today:

I did something yesterday that has made my day today! I cleaned out my dresser and re-arranged my drawers that make more sense and makes it easier for others to locate where my clothes go! This morning when I went to get my clothes for today - in the dark - it was a snap.
Here is what I did:
1. I took out all of the drawers and set them on the floor in a "U" shape around me
2. Emptied out one drawer at a time and an sorted the clothes by type
3. While doing the above step I took out the clothes that needed a new home and put them in my "give away bag
4. I added a few small baskets to my undie drawer to separate out the socks, hose, undies
5. Placed the right clothes in each drawer - put a little label on the inside of the drawer to let others know what went in that drawer
6. Put the drawers back in the dresser in order.

This sounds easy - and it only took about 15 minutes - but it is going to make a big difference in my mornings when I am looking for certain clothes.
It has also motivated me to work on other dressers in this house!! Told hubby we would do his tonight! He said mine looked really good!
So that is making my home a little happier today!
Y'all have a great week!
Amy Q