Monday, September 28, 2009


I was reminded last week that Christmas is less than 90 days away! Y'all I am pumped up for this year. I reflected in January of last year on Christmas for our family. Like many we juggled this gathering, this service, presents for this party etc. Somewhere in the middle I was able to pull it together and really focus on Christmas. I was able to really share with my kiddos what Christmas is. I was determined that this year I wanted that to be my primary focus - so I am going to plan earlier and stress less. I want it to be clear to my children that Christmas is not about the presents, parties, and FUN - but about rejoicing that our Savior was born for US - that is the GIFT of Christmas!
All of that said I have A LOT of work to do - but it will be worth it!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Here I am!

I am here - alive and well! So much busier since school has started back and I got promoted at work to VP! WOW!
So here is a quick rundown:
Oldest (14) Playing 8th grade football and of course thinks he is a "man" now - ugh...hormones! He is wanting to be baptized which I have prayed over for years! Yay GOD!
Princess (5) In kindergarten - loves it and her teacher is a gift for sure! Love her. I am experimenting with discipline techniques - some work - some do not!
Lil Man (2) OH my precious 2 year old is doing great - he has a hard time expressing himself calmly - if you know what I mean! We are working on a discipline plan for him too!
Hubby (!) He is wonderful - I had a NICE free weekend last weekend in which I did a thorough"Fall-Cleaning" I feel so much better about my house now that it is de-cluttered and the summer stuff is stored away! YAY!

Now to me:
I am really starting to get a better routine and I have found a lot of tips from all of you guys! I have involved myself in a new bible study for parents and I love it! We have a great group. Work wise I have been promoted to VP - and it is a challenge but I have enjoyed my new role. I am working hard to balance work and family better. I have been faithful in my prayer time - if you are on my list I am still praying! (if you want on my list just leave a comment and I will add you!) My study time is not so consistent - but I am listening to some great books on CD to and from work.

So there it is for now! I am going to try and update at least 2 times a week - I feel so good letting it out when I write!
Amy Q

Friday, September 11, 2009

Where have you been...

I have been very sick this week..I am better today but need more time to rest and heal.
more to come...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Weekend Happenings

Wow - here we are again - it is Labor Day weekend! Yeah! I am excited to have an extra day off!! We have a lot of things happening around the house. We usually go to the lake - not this year. We are staying put. I have a lot of cleaning to catch up on. I know - we are supposed to rest and relax - well yall if you saw my house you would think that is ALL we do! So I have started a "Fall Fling" schedule which will include some down time. YEAH!
We also have a big time planned as parents of a teenager! He is going to a DNow retreat! He is PUMPED! My husband and I are attending the parent portion of it Sunday.
So other than major cleaning and learning more about parenting a teen - we will be:
Sleeping, grillin, playing in the water, making kiddie messes, watching a movie (tonight with my man) reading books, and doing some NON-LABOR things!
OH - one more thing - I have been working for a week on a letter to my man - about why I love him and what I want for us as a couple, parents, and what I need from him to help me be a better wife to him. Have y'all ever done that before - does it work??
Amy Q

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Things

Oh I am so excited about the new things that are happening for us! We are beginning a new class tonight at church - called WEE STUFF - it is an interactive bible class for parents and children 2-5 years old! We are going to have a BLAST! Also tonight is a BIG rally for our teens who are doing the DNOW retreat this weekend along with a parenting seminar on Sunday. We have
a lot to anticipate. Also, a new thing is that my husband is agreeing to be INVOLVED in these activities! YEAH GOD! He is SO good!
Work may have some changes soon - continue to pray for that.
I am still seeking advice and reading things on discipline and my daughter. UGH that is never-ending but I know it will work out.

So there is the short version - more thoughts to come - I promise!

Amy Q