Monday, March 30, 2009

Making a happy home Monday

Ok, this is a first for me so hang in there. After thinking on this one I did realize that have done something to make my home happier! We have a junk drawer - you know the drawer that has all of the odds and ends in it. Well I did clean it out a few weeks ago; BUT I couldn't figure out what to do with all of the packages of batteries that we have in there. So I left them in the drawer next to the organizer that I LOVE. Yesterday my oldest needed AAA batteries and he was sifting through the drawer. AND it hit me - I slid the top organizer back and with a little re-arranging I was able to fit ALL of my batteries in the little compartments within my organizer. I was even able to LABEL the slots! My hubby noticed it this morning and even told me it looked GREAT!
I am new to this blogging thing so if anyone could share how to link pictures that would be GREAT - because I would LOVE to show my progress!

Moving - in your own home?

We finally had the renovations done and we spent a good week just moving around our house. i am SO pleased with the progress even though we have a lot left to do. Lil man loves his new space and princess is glad that she doesn't have to share with her lil brother! (She has even kept her room clean!) And of course my oldest feels like he's 20 now because he has his own bathroom! And I can finally say that I have created a haven for me and hubby to share together in our NEW master suite! I am so thankful that it is done and we are all living in more harmony! Now if the organizing fairy would come and help sort out the junk we uncovered it would be helpful!
Amy Q

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


OK, I have prayed about the debt and the "fears" I have and I have decided to focus wholly on God to intervene with this problem. I want Him to speak to my hubby's heart and to help guide my words and my thoughts regarding our situation. I feel better now and plan to try to focus on Him instead of me.
Amy Q

Monday, March 16, 2009


OK, I need serious prayers. A few years ago my husband and i did financial peace. The Dave Ramsey class. I loved it and was SO very excited about it. My husband was a little supportive but felt like we were too far in debt to get out. I manage the money. He sees the budget/bills every week - I don't know if he studies it but he sees it. (I print it out every Friday and give it to him) He has agreed NOT to use the credit cards - I even shredded them. We have had MASSIVE medical bill since we have been married due to the 2 high risk pregnancies, cancer, MRSA, and just having little ones. MOST of the credit card bills were for that. The other debt we have is the "STUPID-TAX" car. We have had it listed for several months on Craiglist with a few offers but we would still have to purchase another car that is bigger - we can barely fit in the one we have! We don't have much in savings and this debt is eating me UP. We OWE $28K in debts not including the house. We have NO wiggle room in the budget, he won't get another job and I have three kids to worry about. If any of you out there have any suggestions PLEASE help. i have worked the budget it seems 100 times and still cannot find the answer. We only bring home about 4K a month and though that sounds like a lot we spend $1035 in debt payments, $900 in house note, and $760 in daycare. I have looked at staying home and if I did I would still have to come up with nearly $1200 extra a month to clear the insurance and other $$ we would need. (higher utilities, food, gas, etc) I currently have a company car to transport them around - another reason the car we have is STUPID! We only use it to go out of town! My salary is more that hubbies base pay but he gets bonus $$ and overtime so his fluxuates to more than mine most pay-periods. I am at a loss. Very frustrated. How can I express to him more that I NEED to be debt free. WE need to be DEBT-FREE!
Amy Q

Thursday, March 12, 2009

God is GOOD!

Update on princess - she is going to be fine! Even though the infection LOOKS bad it is actually responding to the medications! YEAH! So we will just keep an eye on it and see.
Meanwhile I had the doc look at lil man's ear to see if the tube was out and he couldn't tell because of fluid build up - meaning EAR infection! I told him I would use drops for a few days first and if it didn't get better I would call him for the antibiotics. (Hate those!)
The inspector failed the remodel AGAIN! The contractor has until the 19th to complete it and then we get into a bunch of legal battles. Pray that this doesn't happen!

So that is all I can write for now!
Amy Q

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am BACK!

Well we have been in total Chaos the last few weeks. Both of my little one's had the flu for 7-10 days. They overlapped each other so it was VERY exciting! Then we hit a wall with our major remodel and we have had to deal with all of that the last few days. I guess you could say we have had our share of sleepless nights and tense moments. During the flu neither hubby nor I had more than 3 hours of solid sleep at a time! We were so sleep deprived it was amazing we did not totally bite each others head off. But we work real good together during times like that. Our contractor is amazed that we have even lasted through all of the set-backs. I was surprised by that comment but he explained that when stuff like this happens it puts a real strain on couples. I thought a lot about this and I am so thankful that my hubby and I are in sink with each other an know what are limits are. He has taken care of all of the "issues" and has let me deal with the paint and tile and carpet and all of the pretty stuff! (When we got the wrong tub in I did have to fix that!) I am just glad that God called for us to be together and that we really tune into what each of us can handle and what we can't handle. Hubby has really worked hard to protect my feelings and frustrations and has not given up on this process. Believe me when I say it would have been easy to give up! I just wanted to update you all.
My prayer request for today is to pray for my lil princess as she is going to the dr. today and we might have to have a minor surgery done. She has an infection that will not clear up and we may have to have a surgeon "clean it up" which will require her to have a day surgery done.
Amy Q

Monday, March 2, 2009

We have been bit..

By a nasty FLU bug!! Please pray that my little one's will feel better.

Amy Q