Monday, March 30, 2009

Making a happy home Monday

Ok, this is a first for me so hang in there. After thinking on this one I did realize that have done something to make my home happier! We have a junk drawer - you know the drawer that has all of the odds and ends in it. Well I did clean it out a few weeks ago; BUT I couldn't figure out what to do with all of the packages of batteries that we have in there. So I left them in the drawer next to the organizer that I LOVE. Yesterday my oldest needed AAA batteries and he was sifting through the drawer. AND it hit me - I slid the top organizer back and with a little re-arranging I was able to fit ALL of my batteries in the little compartments within my organizer. I was even able to LABEL the slots! My hubby noticed it this morning and even told me it looked GREAT!
I am new to this blogging thing so if anyone could share how to link pictures that would be GREAT - because I would LOVE to show my progress!


~LL~ said...

Thanks for linking up....good job on the junk drawer.

As far as pictures, it's really easy. On your tool bar you should have a button that is a on that and it will open up a window. There are 2 areas you can use. You can post a URL from a site that you find OR you can hit "browse" andit will allow you to download from your own pictures.....when you have it, just click the load button.

Welcome to blogging....hope to see you again soon ;)

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

Great idea. I use little dollar tree baskets to make compartments for my drawer. And I also place limits on what kind of items go in each drawer. This prevents them from becoming junk drawers. It's great!