Monday, March 16, 2009


OK, I need serious prayers. A few years ago my husband and i did financial peace. The Dave Ramsey class. I loved it and was SO very excited about it. My husband was a little supportive but felt like we were too far in debt to get out. I manage the money. He sees the budget/bills every week - I don't know if he studies it but he sees it. (I print it out every Friday and give it to him) He has agreed NOT to use the credit cards - I even shredded them. We have had MASSIVE medical bill since we have been married due to the 2 high risk pregnancies, cancer, MRSA, and just having little ones. MOST of the credit card bills were for that. The other debt we have is the "STUPID-TAX" car. We have had it listed for several months on Craiglist with a few offers but we would still have to purchase another car that is bigger - we can barely fit in the one we have! We don't have much in savings and this debt is eating me UP. We OWE $28K in debts not including the house. We have NO wiggle room in the budget, he won't get another job and I have three kids to worry about. If any of you out there have any suggestions PLEASE help. i have worked the budget it seems 100 times and still cannot find the answer. We only bring home about 4K a month and though that sounds like a lot we spend $1035 in debt payments, $900 in house note, and $760 in daycare. I have looked at staying home and if I did I would still have to come up with nearly $1200 extra a month to clear the insurance and other $$ we would need. (higher utilities, food, gas, etc) I currently have a company car to transport them around - another reason the car we have is STUPID! We only use it to go out of town! My salary is more that hubbies base pay but he gets bonus $$ and overtime so his fluxuates to more than mine most pay-periods. I am at a loss. Very frustrated. How can I express to him more that I NEED to be debt free. WE need to be DEBT-FREE!
Amy Q

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