Friday, September 4, 2009

Weekend Happenings

Wow - here we are again - it is Labor Day weekend! Yeah! I am excited to have an extra day off!! We have a lot of things happening around the house. We usually go to the lake - not this year. We are staying put. I have a lot of cleaning to catch up on. I know - we are supposed to rest and relax - well yall if you saw my house you would think that is ALL we do! So I have started a "Fall Fling" schedule which will include some down time. YEAH!
We also have a big time planned as parents of a teenager! He is going to a DNow retreat! He is PUMPED! My husband and I are attending the parent portion of it Sunday.
So other than major cleaning and learning more about parenting a teen - we will be:
Sleeping, grillin, playing in the water, making kiddie messes, watching a movie (tonight with my man) reading books, and doing some NON-LABOR things!
OH - one more thing - I have been working for a week on a letter to my man - about why I love him and what I want for us as a couple, parents, and what I need from him to help me be a better wife to him. Have y'all ever done that before - does it work??
Amy Q

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