Friday, May 8, 2009

Texas Snow and Strep Throat?/

I was trying to get a picture of what we like to call Texas Snow in our neighborhood.  It never fails this time of year you can go outside and see white fluffy "flakes" floating around and covering your yard with a white blanket of "snow" or for better clarification cottonwood seeds.  Our yard this morning was COVERED with the stuff! It is actually kinda pretty - but unfortunately it does not melt.  Instead it piles up and if it rains it gets really goopy and gross.  Not to mention it doesn't help allergy sufferers.
So my next point is about strep throat.  We flew our sales guy in from Lubbock on Tuesday.  He was to help me out and to do some training while my parents were in the Bahamas.  He wasn't feeling too well but he was OK according to him.  So yesterday we had a trip to make that required about 4 hour of driving.  IN MY TRUCK.  When we got back he said he HAD to go to the DR because he was REALLY sick.  When he returned he gave me the news that he had "severe Strep Throat"  GREAT.  So I sent him to his Hotel and disinfected everything I could think of and prayed over my car seats to PLEASE don't let my kids catch this.
So far so good - but we shall see.  Please pray!!

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