Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Swine Flu Hits K-Town..maybe

So last night we received a text from one of my oldest son's friends - saying "school's out till the 18th"  I told my son that it was probably a joke that K-town was certainly NOT going to close down for two weeks.  Well I was WRONG! 
My neighbor's daughter had a band concert last night and she said that they announced it there.  So being the mom I am I looked online and yes indeed the schools were closing.  What shocked me was the reason WHY.  According to a statement from the district there is "one probable case" 
ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!  PROBABLE - not confirmed.  
I am a momma of three and yes I am on alert for the signs of this bug.  i am washing their hands more and using a little more cleaning product in the bathroom and kitchen.  I am NOT taking them to school or pre-school sick.  I am even watching who they are around.  We will probably not go to KIDS STUFF (all-play) at church on Wednesday.  We will just go to choir and guppy class an I will go to MOPS.  
Needless to say I was glad to hear that our pre-school was only going to close (for 72 hrs) if there was a direct CONFIRMED case linked to the school.  (Whew) This means that my hubby and I will not have to take 2 weeks off. (We only have 4 days between the 2 of us left) I we had to take off we would lose 6 days of pay and that my friends would hurt this household! We do have an emergency fund - however it would be nice to use that on something NEEDED instead of demanded from this school district.
So I am closing this soapbox now with a side note that the CDC is NOT recommending closing schools.  WHAT? REALLY? SHOCKER!
OK I am done now. 
OH and D- I hope you have fun in Florida - you deserve it.  I am praying for you to have a safe trip.  Isn't it fun to be spontaneous?? Enjoy your 2 weeks off! Now you can blog more.
Amy Q

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