Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Time goes so very fast.  I have time on my mind a lot.  I need to re-focus my time.  Time with God, husband, children, friends, family, work, church etc.  We celebrated our 6th anniversary on the 10th which happened to be Mothers Day as well.  What a celebration.  my husband and I have been through many ups and downs and we always seem to overcome whatever God puts in our path.  Sometimes we have struggled through it and other times it was a blessing to have a roadblock.  I am blessed to have a partner who supports me and understands me.  He is so very patient with me.  I love him!! 
My daughter turns 5 in June.  I cannot believe that my angel girl is going to be five.  I have a special post for her coming up.  She is a delight!
Mason got a "real" haircut last week and my he is a little man now.  But I relish the morning moments when he only wants "lovies" from mommy.  He is so tender-hearted and loving.
Time.  I have not been as faithful in my reading.  I am continuing to have prayer time in the mornings and in the car as much as I can - but I thirst for His word.  Time.
I watch as my Granny falls deeper into Parkinson's Disease.  Her time is fading faster each day.  I miss her - the Granny I have known all of my life is no longer there.  
Time.  We rush and rush and the time goes by.  I need to re-focus my time before it slips by and I have regrets.
Amy Q

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Anonymous said...

I so understand the thoughts expressed here about time. Praying for God to bless you with wisdom as you plan your time and joy as you experience the lives of those you spend time with:)