Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Goals

So I have decided to make some goals here today - BEFORE NEW YEARS! HA! Imagine that. I have stumbled upon a lovely blog that the author is doing the shred - you know the 30 DayKillYourselfthatIDoNotKNOWHOWIWILLSURVIVE workout? Jillian Michael's hosts it - I am going to post all of the details here tomorrow -AFTER I take some pictures. YES I am going to take photos and track the progress. It will be ugly I know - It will NOT be fun - BUT I am determined to get back ME!

Here is the blog I was talking about:

Anyone out there wanna join me??

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Rosa Aguilar said...

Are you still interested in starting the 30 day shred. I would really like to join you. I started Dec.11th. let me know if you are still in that mind set. God Bless and hope you are still wanting to achieve that goal.