Monday, October 13, 2008

30 Days

We went to church yesterday and they are doing a "30 days to live" series. I went to bible study for starters and the lesson was about your "dash" You know the dash on your tombstone in between your birth date and the day you die. What will your "dash" be like? This makes me think long and hard about all of the expectations that I have on myself. Are they really that important? Basically the theme was getting your priorities right. God, Family, friends, work, etc. A lot of times the order that we put things gets jumbled up. God has to be first. So the overall question is "what would you do if God said you had 30 days left on Earth?" I cannot begin to try to write this out, but my first thing would be focus on Him in prayer and scripture.

I pray for all of you to put your priorities in order as He would want them. I pray that you all have a great day and week.


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