Friday, October 10, 2008

This Week

So we have been really busy this week. We are getting our house updated so we have had contractors around a lot. The kids always are into something. Dave is in football at Jr. High and that is very consuming, but he is doing really good. We have his report card and it was good! He has a hard time in Math and Texas History, but he passed! Abby passed her letter writing test, she is not very patient with it though! She is trying hard to find her place. It is hard in the middle, I know from experience. Her school is such a good place, but this morning she wanted to go to work instead! (This is rare for her because she loves school!) It hurts my heart to leave her that way, but we have to work to pay our bills. Mason moved to the "big" room and loves it. He slept on his mat at nap time all week. :( My baby is growing too fast! My man is out of town on a job until Sunday, so I will be completely out of it by the time he gets back. We need the $$ though, so I will push through it. I am planning on taking the kiddos to the Dallas Farmers Market Saturday. They will love it and I can stock up on foods I need. We have church on Sunday and I can't wait to go. I love our new church!! Say a little prayer for me. I know many mom's who do it alone, and I respect them dearly!

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