Friday, October 3, 2008

"Be Quiet"

"O, Lord I call to you, come quickly to me.."
If you have time read Psalm 141. It is olny 10 verses. Verse 3 says "put aguard on my mouth O lord, keep watch over the door of my lips"
WOW! I am constantly saying to my daughter (4) "Be Quiet!" "We don't talk that way to our friends" " That was not nice" Use nice words!.
In my everyday life I get Overloaded and I find myself not being quiet. I try not to say bad things. But it happens. I need to take my own advice and be quiet.
I need to be quiet with my Lord as well.
As we speak, the TV is on, my hubby is getting ready and the baby is playing.
Not quiet. But I am here reading the Word.
I pray for all of us to call on God to "Guard our lips"
Love to all;

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