Thursday, January 29, 2009

Husbands :)

I love my husband! I love him! My heart and soul seems to burst when I think of him. He is my BEST friend!
Last night at MOPS we talked about husbands and their needs and the conversation could have lasted for several meetings, but it was a good topic to ponder. I have really been thinking about one question that came up - "if you were a man would you want to come home to you?"
Think on that! Some nights - probably NO. I can get VERY stressed out at times and so overwhelmed that I am not pleasant to be around. I don't know if that applies to any of you, but it does apply to me. I can be pleasant as well. For me I think that we have choices as to how we are going to be. I plan to make it a goal to CHOOSE to be pleasant towards my husband. When he gets home I want him to be excited to see me! God wants our marriage to be a BLESSING in our lives not a burden. He wants us to experience JOY and to have good experiences, to work together to make our HOME a haven.
I think too often I focus my time and energy on my children and the house that my husband gets sidelined. I think that if I were to turn the tables a little and focus more on him and what he needs from me I will become a better mom and wife. I will have more peace at home. I will enjoy my life more.
I know some of you may think - she is so naive! Marriage is not all roses and champagne! No it isn't, we have are struggles and our differences - but imagine if we as wives would focus more on his positives and not so much on the negatives; how our perceptions of our husbands could change. This in turn can bring so much positive energy to our lives!
I say all of this because I am not doing so well in this department. I tend to take him for granted. I tend to overlook his needs and focus to much of my energy on other things. This is not what I want for my marriage. I want to enjoy him fully, I want to lift him up , I want him to be happy and not fearful of my "mood" when he comes home. I want more from this marriage and I will lift it up in prayer and look at my actions and improve them. Our marriage is part of the foundation of our family - God first, then marriage, kids, family, friends etc. When that gets out of order - it can really tear apart our home.
I pray that you all will think of these words and say a prayer for your husbands today. Lift him up to our Father and bless him someway today!
Amy Q

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Denise said...

GREAT post and so very true! Thank you for writing this. Hugs...D