Monday, February 2, 2009

New Starts

So most people start goals January 1st. Well I am starting one this week. I have started my diet mission! I need to lose about 30-35 pounds total. I have began a walking video and I am writing down my foods. So anyway. I thought the video would be easy - WRONG! i am either SO out of shape or it is a hard workout - I bet it is a little of both. Wish me luck. I hope to be half-way there by May 10 - my anniversary. I realized a few months ago that my weight gain has contributed to how I feel about myself and it has effected my marriage in several ways. My husband has NEVER said a word about it - he tells me I am beautiful. BUT, I have to think that 40 pounds more to me is not what he fell in love with. Does that make sense?
So there you have it I am really going to try to watch my portions, cut out the sugar, and exercise. Please pray for this journey.

Amy Q

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