Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In Awe

I am in awe today at this BEAUTIFUL day that is before me. I was able to cuddle with lil man this morning and witness his sweetness. He patted my face and said "my momma" in the softest voice ever. He is my inspiration today! I hope to reflect sweetness today in my words and actions. My children are each unique and I am blessed to have them! I also witnessed my oldest as he gently helped lil man in his jacket and tenderly coaxed him outside to get in the car - no harsh tones, no grumbling - just pure tenderness. (this is a big deal for my 14 yr old!) As I got princess ready she said "momma you are the prettiest momma!" I needed that! God speaks through others - even the smallest voices can be heard and appreciated! I hope that today you too will witness God's goodness through others.

Amy Q

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