Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday - Summer

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I work full time - it is not an easy thing but it is where I am at for now. Summer can be tough because it is my favorite time of year. Before school was out we as a family sat down and made a list of things the kids wanted to do - ANYTHING. We had several things from - blowing bubbles to Disneyland but we narrowed our list down and we made a timeline as to when we will do those things. I put them on a calender and we now have our guidebook as to what "extra" activities we would do during summer. This includes swimming at my mom's once a week, visiting local farms to pick various fruits and veggies, going to the lake, playing outside EVERYDAY when we get home - we have several activities planned for that.
This year we did something else - we had my oldest (14) research the place we will be taking them on vacation. He is to find things that we can do in that area and the cost of those things - this is his summer project. We are not going until August - so he and I and hubby will work together to get a plan in action. HE LOVES THIS!!
I have never done this before and so far it WORKS FOR ME!
God Bless
Amy Q

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Becky said...

That's a great idea to put your teenager in charge of the vacation activities. We'll have to try that!