Monday, June 8, 2009

Making a Happy Home Monday

You can join this GREAT carnival at
Here is what LL Says about the carnival.

"The point of this carnival is simple. I hope to encourage and inspire others (as well as be made accountable) to improve their homes. If there is a big project you have been putting off....or a small project that you are saving....please, just put in the time and do it. I'm not necessarily talking about the day to day swishing of the toilet or wiping down the counters. I'm talking about that closet that is easily hidden behind the door, but every time you open it, you regret it. You know how you feel when you do finally get it cleaned up. You are happy....and that filters throughout your home. So find a project, big or small, to clean, organize or beautify."

I am glad to be here another time and want to share my idea of making my home happy today. We go to various functions over the summer. The lake Cabins my parents have, BBQ dinners, swimming, camping etc. You name it and we are there pretty much. I have 2 smaller kiddos (5 and almost 2) They tend to get into everything - bugs, dirt, water and more. it never fails I have to find band aids, antiseptic, benadryl, Tylenol and other first aid items. Now I used to have a big first aid box that I lugged everyehre. If you live in the HOT land of Texas having such a kit in the car is not the best idea I have learned as things melt, get sticky, or even explode! So I came up with an idea this past spring. I down sized to a plastic pencil box and A LOT of miniature first aid items like Neo-To-Go, Spray benadryl, and band aids. I keep it stocked with a few doses of meds I might need for a day trip or even over night. I throw it in my suitcase and we are off - prepared for any small emergency that might come my way like Abby stepping in an ant pile and having 14 ant bites - not that that happened this weekend - and I was prepared with the benadryl spray and the fast melt benadryl to help with her reaction. Made me happy along with daddy and my princess who now wants to have 14 hello kitty band aids on her little leg and foot!

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