Monday, January 18, 2010

Body vs. Heart and Mind

OK - here is to being honest - I have sucked at working out the last week - started out shaky and tanked at the end. I have MANY excuses. Tired, sick kids, work, travel with work, husband out of town, tired, not motivated, just don't have time, oh and tired.

I feel guilty when I do not work out - "OH I can catch up tomorrow" I say. That is my mind talking. Meanwhile my body is not shrinking magically. My body is telling me to MOVE IT to LOOSE IT! My heart is telling me that I MUST do this - I am TIRED of being fat. I AM FAT. There is no fluffy talk - I am not big boned, or chubby, or pretty in the face - I AM FAT - overweight by a good 40-50 pounds.

My mind has many excuses running around, my body is screaming at me to loose it and my heart is telling me that now is the time to change.

How do you balance that?

I gained a pound last week. I am not happy about it - but what did I expect?
SO here it is - I have to choose TODAY to make my life changes. I have to choose TODAY to make it a PRIORITY to work out - like brushing my teeth and loving my kiddos. IT has to happen TODAY - not tomorrow or next Monday - TODAY!

If you have been in this place please direct my mind to get that CRAP outta my head! (The excuses)
OKAY - I have an appointment with Jillian at 5:30 today - anyone else?


Kate said...

Oh girl, you can do it! It's so hard though. I have been doing the shred for 14 days straight and my knees are killing me and I don't want to do it today. But I will.

Just do what you can do TODAY. Then when tomorrow comes, do what you can TOMORROW. Break it into little chunks.

I ate 6 oreo cookies today just because I thought I would die if I didn't. Whew. It feels good to admit that to someone! Don't tell on me, ok?

I'll be thinking of you today. YOU GO GIRL!

Thanks for visiting my blog today - hope to see more of you!

Reflections in My Mirror said...

Thanks Kate! I am going to make that appointment with Jillian if it kills me! Thank you SO much for visiting my blog - I am trying to write more. I have a big trip planned at the end of February and SO wish I could look better - not like I am expecting - yes I had 2 people ask me this past weekend if I was expecting! More reason to get rid of the pooch!