Friday, September 17, 2010


Time is so hard to organize - my life is so hectic -

Kids - Dave is 15 and IN HIGH SCHOOL now, Abby is in 1st grade = homework EVERY night - who on Earth remembers having homework in FIRST grade???? And my Mason is in pre-school

Work - CRAZY nuts - with mom and dad being gone more - we are SUPER busy.

Summer - well that is over it seems - but we did get to spend a week for vacation - BEACH, SAN ANTONIO & the lake! It was AMAZING!

Church - I am happy to say we are committed to our church and have become MORE involved on many levels.

Weight - I am heavier now than I have EVER Been - YUCK!

So that sums it up for now - I am hoping to write once a week - on Fridays - we will see...


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