Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So we are in the middle of the renovation! It has been a trying situation moving stuff from place to place, finding junk we don't need, and living with mom and dad for a few days! I am happy about the progress though. I just keep telling myself "only a few more weeks!" It has challenged my quiet time. In MOPS we talked about creating your own space for that special time with God. Well I did that and it really works! I put my journal, a spare Bible, and by devotional book all right there and I was doing well with it - until the contractors came and my sacred space moved - from room to room under piles of stuff. This morning I went into the living room searching for that basket - wasn't there. Tried both bathrooms - wasn't there. Looked around our bedroom - no luck. I found it on the dining room table under the box of "stuff" that was under the computer keyboard that was next to the pile of pictures. It is sad. I feel bad about it. So I sat there and said a prayer. I know God hears my frustration and He really is working on comforting me during this time. I ask that you pray for my husband - he is not so patient and is having a hard time at work as well. It is putting a strain on us. Just pray for our little family to get through this transition.
Love Amy

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Mrs. U said...

Hi there!!
I can't even begin to imagine how stressful renovations must be! OH MY!! I will pray!!!

Ooooooohhhhhhh!!! But just think of how wonderful it will be when everything is completed and back in it's new place! How exciting!

Mrs. U