Tuesday, April 21, 2009

God is SO good

Hey! I just wanted to share with you that God is go good.  I don't have any amazing news or anything like that.  This morning I decided to sit outside and drink my coffee for a few minutes and I was blessed with so much of God's creation I can't explain it all.  I was able to see the sun creeping up through the trees.  I saw "our" bunny munching on our clover in the yard.  I took deep breaths and listened to the birds.  I said my prayers and thanked God for this day ahead.  Even though we get bogged down with all of the negative there is a constant - God works his wonders to bring about His beauty in this sometimes ugly world.  He is so powerful and brilliant! May you all have a blessed day!
Amy Q


Anonymous said...

Yes He is good! Thank you for this wonderful reminder and for sharing your heart:) May God bring you lots of hope and joy today!
love ya,

~LL~ said...


I'm just a bit south of Dallas....:) Maybe someday our families could meet at the zoo. :)

as far as the bread, I just found a basic wheat bread recipe. I've never made a yeast bread. I cook well, if I do say so myself, but some baking has "scared" me, for lack of a better word. It just seemed to be difficult.....

Well, (sadly funny) but I finally decided that I knew how to follow instructions and that a loaf or 2 of a mess-up wouldn't hurt. I bought the wheat flour and yeast then went at it.

It's a simple wheat bread, sweetened with a bit of honey. I didn't use a bread machine. used my stand mixer until the part where you add the flour until it pulls away from the bowl...then used a wooden spoon until time to knead. Then I stood there for 15 minutes and kneaded it.

The bread turned out good...don't know if it's the best, as I've never done anything in order to compare. but it made 2 big loaves. I froze one. I'm going to try white bread in a day or 2....it was fun. Maybe on Tuesday, I'll post the recipe I used. :)