Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Making a Happy Home Monday

UPDATE: 2 nights in a row!!!

Ok: this is late I know, but my happy home Monday came late and I was trying to stay on task. In my post yesterday I was pretty stressed out. BUT, it is amazing how if you write it out you can come to a resolution quickly. So here is what made my home happy yesterday:
I left work ON TIME instead of staying later
I picked up the lil one's from pre-school
I Got home and spent a few minutes hugging an loving on the kiddos
I had princess help me cook - SHE LOVED IT!!
Lil man liked to play in the flour..made a mess but it was quickly cleaned up.
We all sat and ate together without the TV on (It was not even turned on at all!!!)
Switched out laundry
Bathed lil ones/ready for bed/story time/lil man to bed (8:15!!!!!)/bible time with Princess
Princess in bed (8:45!!!!!!) She did not stay but I did not give in either!
Folded laundry/cleaned up kitchen
Showered, ready for bed (9:30!!!!)
Prayer time
Hugged the hubby - he was outside in his shop working on a truck to sell
Bedtime without TV on! (10:00)
So what made my home happier was setting up a schedule and turning off that TV!! And it did not kill me.
I was able to get up this morning full of energy and had some extra time to pray.
Amy Q
So that folks is my new goal - setting up a schedule that works and trying to stick to it.

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