Thursday, April 30, 2009

Revised Reflection

My blog name is Reflections in my Mirror.  I thought it would be good to show you my reflection as I see it today.
This morning I thought a lot about my reflection.  So here I go.
Physically - I have great eyes! Really I do.  I could use a haircut.  I need to loose some weight - but that too will come. 
Emotionally: I am a mixture of emotions.  I am reading a book on Peace.  True Peace in God that I long for.  I long to feel at ease and that God truly is working on me.  I am happy.  I look around me and I feel happy.  I am sad that hubby and i had an argument and we have yet to work it out - but we agreed to talk about it more after we have each thought about the issue at hand and can speak better about it to one another.  I am hopeful that this journey I am on will be successful.
Spiritually: the Peace I spoke of earlier is my main focus.  i am settled with God about my sins and I am working on those.  I have prayed more lately and that makes me feel closer to God.  I need to read more in His word.
I am very tired of stress.  I want to banish it!  I want change in a lot of things - my mothering, my marriage, my work, my relationships.  I have to come to terms with those things.
God is working - it takes time I know.  But HE is near and I am feeling HIM more everyday.
So that is what I am "seeing" in my mirror today!
Amy Quinn

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