Thursday, July 16, 2009

In Sickness and Health!

MY OH MY how time flies. A lot has happened in the last week or so. Work is not really any better. I am hopeful for a resolution soon. My youngest has been battling a serious ear infection that has damaged 3/4 of his eardrum so I have been shuffling to specialists, CT scans, and testing. It looks pretty good now we have more concerns with the hole than we do the infection. My husband has been out of town a lot with work too so my blog time has been limited.
I am just in a "funk" right now. I am not on track and I need to get back to me soon!
What steps do you take to re-group and get back to yourself? I have had some bouts with depression, pity, anger, fear and I just want to feel refreshed again. I am so tired too. My son has not slept well and I have spent the last 4 out of six nights without my hubby next too me.
I am focusing on blessings right now. I have more answers about my son's condition than I did on Monday, we will have some extra $$ due to the overtime, and yes I will get caught up on my sleep eventually!
We are going to our family lake cabins this weekend - my aunt is getting married!! Yeah for her! My uncle passed away about 14 years ago leaving her with 3 children to raise. She started college and received her Masters in Bi-Lingual Education this past May! Her youngest will graduate from High School in two years and we are so thrilled that she is marrying again! She has endured many trials and came out on top! She has also lost about 80 pounds over the last 3 years, has on child out of college, one attending Baylor on a full academic scholarship, and her youngest will get his Eagle Scout next year! She is an amazing woman of faith, great mom, and a blessing to all of her family!
So that is about it for now!
I will hopefully post some pictures of the wedding and our cabins Monday!

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