Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To Be Green

I love green - it means go, it means clean, it could mean $$ (not much in my house). Yesterday was the first day of school. My sweet daughter went to kindergarten. It was a crazy morning. I had it all mapped out - up and at'em and we really had a great start. I had my plan in action - youngest to daycare, drop oldest off at Jr. high, and then walk my sweet girl to her class, making sure she was happy and in her seat promptly at 7:50. Yep that was the plan. At 7:05 we were out the door and off to the races. We talked about the day and what she should expect - she was so very excited. As I turned into the drive at daycare - which by the way is 8 miles from where we live - my youngest started to whimper - then he cried - then he vomited - ALL over the car. My daughter then proceeded to tell me she needed to potty BAD. I rushed her inside to potty grabbed towels from daycare worker and told them my youngest price would NOT be at school. I took princess out to the car and "cleaned" up my lil man as best I could - without vomiting myself!
I made a frantic call to daddy and told him to hi-tail it home to take care of the sickly one. (Daddy was 30 minutes away) It is now about 7:20. I drive back to town drop off the oldest wish him a happy day - with not much reaction. I rush through the traffic in our little town to the house and take the little ones inside. I wash up the lil one - daddy comes in. It is now 7:50. Princess knows we are late because she can read a clock. She begins to cry. I console her into the car and proceed to take her to school. We rush into the classroom where I see the teacher doing a back to school activity. Princess goes to her chair sits down and turns to the page they were on - she never knew I even left.
I went through my day checking on the youngest who was with Daddy. He was fine. I thought of my lil girl a lot. Wondering how she was and if she missed me or if she was scared or if she was paying attention and not talking 90 miles an hour. Oh I prayed for her and her teacher.
So daddy went and picked the girl up - she called me on the way home. I asked her how her day was - here was her response:
"Momma I stayed on GREEN all day!"
That is all. That was what was important to her.
I think about that - I wish I could "stay on green" all day. Makes you think - we do have our Father watching over us nudging us onward. I know too often I am not on :green" so to speak. I have had a few RED days for sure.
So yes; my lil price was GREEN all day and the princess was ON GREEN, and the oldest - well he needs more GREEN for MORE school supplies.

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