Friday, January 29, 2010

Give Me a Break

I am so pumped today! I was able to take yesterday and today off of work! I totally relaxed yesterday - ran some errands, did the laundry, made and awesome dinner - OH and played with my new camera for like 2 hours - downloading and editing pictures - relishing the memories of all of my darlings! BUT -
The best part of these two days is yet to come - I AM GOING AWAY FOR THE WEEKEND! I am so lucky to have some wonderful family and friends that like to get together every so often for a girls weekend - that's right all girls! The premise is scrap booking - now I like to scrapbook BUT I am not very creative and I cannot stand to sit for 14 hours looking at that stuff. I DO however like to go at my own pace and try to complete some pages. I am so excited to be able to have some ME time. I LOVE my darlings and my husband to pieces - I cannot get enough of them - BUT every now and then I get to a point where I say - I NEED A BREAK - please? Usually this happens the week of a planned trip like this. I am so excited to be able to go and be me - not mommy, not the wife - but just me. Is that bad? I try to be me at all times but there is something that happens when you are away from the husband and kids - I like to laugh and giggle and be silly - I like to SLEEP in, cook what I want, eat what I want, take a shower without little hands, voices, or faces peeking in at any moment, wearing flannel PJ's until 10 a.m. (or later) reading a book, but most of all on these weekends I like the time I have to be quiet. To sit on the deck alone with God and reflect, repent, and renew my relationship with HIM. I like that time I have completely alone with HIM.
I am blessed with a family that likes for me to go and do these things - every once and a while. (like twice a year if I am lucky) My kids like mommy more, my husband likes his wife refreshed, and my outlook is much better. I can take this time to reflect on myself and come back ME - the mommy and wife that I like to be.
Do not worry my fellow "Shredders" I have two recruits that are willing to shred with me on this trip - so the challenge is still on! - BUT I do plan to sleep in :) and have some delicious snacks!

So for now I wait on the Maytag man to deliver my new washer and dryer and then I am OFF for 2 DAYS!
Be Blessed!
Amy Q

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