Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Man vs. Woman

I am totally ticked off - REALLY!
I have been on this journey for almost a MONTH. I have not been perfect - I have missed a few days - but I have been more determined to loose this weight and feel better. I am actively trying everyday - watching what I eat, drinking the water, not drinking cokes (sodas or pop, or what ever you want to call it) I have cut out sweets. I have been more green with the veggies - something that I do not enjoy. I have exercised more in the last month than I have in YEARS. And I am proud to say I am doing good - I have lost some weight and some inches, I feel better. You would think I would be singing from the mountaintops!
ENTER IN MY MAN - the love of my life, the knight in shining armor that I adore. He has supported me from day one - he is my cheerleader. He is the hider of Reece's Pieces.
About a week ago give or take he told me he too was going to loose a little. I was excited but knowing my man as I do I knew to let him do his thing. And he did. He went to the scale and showed me his weight - as I did when I began. We noted it and I let it be. I am going to be brutal here - as I stepped back and watched I felt CERTAIN he was not going to be very successful. He was eating the same, not exercising and from the looks of things I knew that he needed an intervention. So last night I talked to him - I asked him what his plan was for attacking the weight - here is his response:
"well I quit drinking cokes for the most part - only one at lunch. - OH and I cut down the sweets. that is about it"
My response:
"well have you lost anything?"
My Man:
"yeah about 10 pounds"
"WHATEVER - there is no way in... - GET ON THE SCALE!"
And he was right. 10 POUNDS - then he just had to say it - "no big deal but I do need some new jeans"
WHAT! *%#@*$
Okay so you get the picture. I wanted to roll up in a ball with a big ole tub of rocky road and cry.
He knew I was upset. He later held me tight and told me it is a man thing - and that he knew it was harder for me. And he held me tight while I cried. He told me to keep it up - that he loved me and that he supported me still. That he wanted us to both be healthy and that a week from now I would probably win because I am stubborn like that.
I love him - but it is still not FAIR!
Tonight it is ON! Jillian better be ready for me!


Jackiedlc said...

I totally hear you on that! I would be frustrated too..

I looked this topic up and this article looks interesting


Alison said...

Don't quit. I understand completely. My husband starting playin hockey 2 nights a week while I was pregnant. He did not change his diet nor go to the gym. 2 days a week is all he starteed doing and he lost 28 pounds in 4 months. He was 230 and down to 202 he is 6'3 by the way. So he got super skinny as I got large

TAMMY said...

You are right it's totally not fair! Of course most things in life aren't! ;)

Reflections in My Mirror said...

I am just glad he did not "gloat" over it - in most cases he might but he knew how hard i am trying - so I am blessed in that fact - but it still stinks!

HD said...

It's not fair...us ladies are in this together. I don't know why it's so easy for them.

Keep up the great work though!